Tortoise Table[TH-TAB-01]

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Tortoise Table

Available in 2 sizes:
Standard: 1200x600x180mm at a cost of £195
Large: 1600x600x240mm at a cost of £246

One of my strengths is to know my weaknesses. I often find myself having to make items for which I have no practical experience as the end user. In this instance I asked Claire from the SUSSEX CHELONIAN SOCIETY for guidance.

Claire said ...............
"Wow........ that is beautiful its perfect really good work!
Size wise I tend to use 2 1/2 ft x 1 1/2 ft for my babies (more than 1) up to the age of 5 years then 4 ft x 1 1/2 ft and bigger for 1 or 2 adults

I cant think of anything to add other than a heat source bracket but everyone I know tends to adapt it due to different types and ones that have a stand.

Really great job and so quick to, well done! I don't mind being acknowledged but please don't feel you have to it's been all your work be proud of yourself.

Claire ......."

Pressure treated
Joinery grade red pine
Decorative, 20mm thick walls
Tongue & grooved floor
Roof tongued & grooved with a marine ply liner
Delivered BUILT
Liked by Claire

This is a handcrafted tortoise table made in the UK by Granddad Rob Designs.

Optional Lamp Stand available

If you have any questions please contact Granddad Rob.

Available Options:

Lamp Holder:  


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