Haydock Fifteen Chicken House[HAYDOCK15]

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The Haydock range of night arks has brought together my nearly forty years of chicken house making and hen keeping. I have been able to hone the Haydock into what I think is the best on the market (but then I would say that) However that statement is verified in the detail.

BUILD (G’Rob wise)
Timber: Joinery grade red pine
Treatment: All pressure treated to hazard 4 for ground contact
Floor: 12mm thick MARINE PLY
Roof and wall board joints bedded with mastic.
NOT nailed, all zinc plated screw fixings
Main frame glued mortise and tenon joints
Damp proof foot pads

Raised house, allowing birds much sort after access to shade, shelter and dust bath potential.
Four large below floor level nests to pander to the birds instinct to ground nest,
Three stout, rounded, claw friendly 45x45 perching. (30cm per bird).
Full ridge ventilation.

I know from experience that if cleaning is a hassle, it is sometimes 'put off', which can lead to red mite infestation and bird welfare problems, so to 'put off' the 'put off' we have made the Haydock with ...........
Four large nests incorporating night shutters to stop night occupation, therefore unnecessary nest fouling and deter persistent broodies.
Maximises cleaning access with lift away access panels, including the side wall, the entire nest bank the central floor section.. plus a hinged roof
Removable perching which exposes the perch cups for red mite eradication
Carrying handles
Delivered assembled ready to use

Haydock Fifteen Chicken House[HAYDOCK15]£870.00

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