Modular Floating Duck Island - 5 Module[MODULARISLAN]

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5 Module Floating Duck Island

Our modular option combines flexibility and ease of construction with many benefits to water quality and the environment.
Each module comprises of a 2m x 1m porous matrix on top of which sits a coir mat planted with a wide range of native aquatic and marginal plants. The modules simply interlock with each other and can be arranged in many different combinations and orientations to fit in with the shape of your pond or lake (for examples please see the images). The more modules you have the greater the combination of shapes!
Once the vegetation matures the hard angles at the perimeter of these rectangular modules softens to give a more natural shape. To secure the island we supply the appropriate number of liner friendly 20Kg 'mud weights' with chains and remember all our prices include delivery to mainland UK.

Modular Floating Duck Island - 5 Module[MODULARISLAN]£2,780.00

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