Plumpton Rabbit Hutch[PH05]

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Granddad Rob's New PLUMPTON 6x2 RABBIT HUTCH

Designed to give the rabbit all of 2ft x 6ft floor to ‘romp’. Has a suspended bed pod with in and out doors accessed with ramps . All of which are removable for cleaning.

By being able to drop down the top front gate, or lift up the bottom gate. I have given a choice of front access.

For handling and feeding Total unrestricted cleaning access is achieved by having the entire front wall assembly lifting away.

Ironically this first PLUMPTON 6X2 build is sold to home ferrets!

WALLS: 12mm Pressure Treated Red Pine Tongue & Grooved Boards

ROOF: Pressure Treated Red Pine Tongue & Grooved Boards over a Waterproof Membrane

FLOOR: 12mm Marine Ply

WIRE: 20mm x 20mm 16g Galvanised Mesh

The Plumpton is shipped fully assembled and ready for use.


Plumpton Rabbit Hutch[PH05] £499.00

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