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The Paddock Run is a modular run system ideal as a chicken run, big enough to either contain the chicken house inside it or available with a Docking Port for our Haydock Chicken Houses. Each Paddock Run being 2440mm ( 8ft ) wide but 8ft, 12ft, 16ft, or 20ft (etc) long

Increments can be retrospectively added.


DOCKING PORT: Allows any of our HAYDOCK chicken houses to be situated outside the run.
MESH RUN FLOOR: Stops digging on both the inside and outside the run
STRETCHER HANDLES: For relocating the assembled run.
SHADE & FEED CREEP: Free standing canopy that affords the birds & feed a shaded dry area.
DUST BATH: Stands under the feed creep
ADDITIONAL RUN INCREMENTS (4ft) wall & roof panels for retrospective extensions £210 (£249 if in floor mesh is required)

Paddock Run[PADDOCKRUN]£708.00

Available Options:

Docking Port:  
Dust Bath:  
Mesh Run Floor:  
Paddock Run Size:  
Shade & Feed Creep:  
Stretcher Handles:  
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