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The Paddock Run is a modular run system ideal as a chicken run, big enough to either contain the chicken house inside it or available with a Docking Port for our Haydock Chicken Houses. Each Paddock Run being 2440mm ( 8ft ) wide but 8ft, 12ft, 16ft, or 20ft (etc) long

Increments can be retrospectively added.


DOCKING PORT: Allows any of our HAYDOCK chicken houses to be situated outside the run.
MESH RUN FLOOR: Stops digging on both the inside and outside the run
STRETCHER HANDLES: For relocating the assembled run.
SHADE & FEED CREEP: Free standing canopy that affords the birds & feed a shaded dry area.
DUST BATH: Stands under the feed creep
ADDITIONAL RUN INCREMENTS (4ft) wall & roof panels for retrospective extensions £210 (£249 if in floor mesh is required)


Although the timber we build with is pressure treaded or marine grade and will last many years, we think it prudent to once in a while apply a re-treatment. The treatment we both use and strongly recommend prevents future wood rot by forming a WATER SHEDDING layer over the timber surface.

When first applied the treater has both the colour and consistency of diluted milk, however it dries to be fully TRANSPARENT so can be liberally applied without showing brush or run marks. It is water based so it CAN BE APPLIED TO WET WOOD. Being MICRO POROUS it allows the wood to ‘breath’ and most importantly it says SUITABLE FOR ANIMAL HOUSING on the label!


Against the trend, we have always endeavoured to set out our stall with the price shown to include DELIVERY and VAT, so no hidden charges to ‘bump up’ the bill. Therefore, the price listed includes delivery for the UK Mainland (Highlands & Overseas please contact us) and assumes any options required are ordered and delivered with the principle purchase.

Paddock Run[PADDOCKRUN]£708.00

Available Options:

1 Litre Water Based Re-Treat:  
Docking Port:  
Dust Bath:  
Mesh Run Floor:  
Paddock Run Size:  
Shade & Feed Creep:  
Stretcher Handles:  
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