Cheltenham 20 Pair Painted Dovecote[CHELT20PAINT]

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Painted cotes and posts are still made from pressure treated timber therefore the five coats of hand brushed paint we apply provides still more layers of protection.

The Cheltenham Twenty Painted dovecote is a ten sided cote on four levels, affording segregated nesting for twenty pairs of doves. As is the case with all my dovecotes I use ALL joinery grade red pine, which has been pressure treated to last many years without a need to re-treat.

The walls floors and internal partitions are tongue and grooved boards. The roof is clad in timber tiles over a marine grade timber liner. For durability and stability the cote includes a glued and screwed box section pressure treated timber post.

Cheltenham 20 Pair Painted Dovecote[CHELT20PAINT]£3,495.00

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