Large Tortoise Table[TORTTABLRG]

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Large Tortoise Table

I often find myself having to make items of which I have no practical experience. As was the case when asked to build a TORTOISE TABLE, so I asked Claire from the SUSSEX CHELONIAN SOCIETY for guidance.

The variations there after, were instigated by customers requesting bigger, smaller, taller, so please feel free to ask for a bespoke table.

TIMBER: Pressure treated, joinery grade red pine
WALLS: Granddad Rob’s own distinctive 21mm thick, brick effect face plus exterior grade ply liner
ROOF: Granddad Rob’s own distinctive 21mm thick, tile effect face with exterior grade ply liner
FLOOR: 12mm thick MARINE grade ply
OPTIONAL: Lamp Stand
OPTIONAL: Table Stand
DELIVERY: Dispatched built ready to use

This is a handcrafted tortoise table made in the UK by Granddad Rob Designs.

If you have any questions please contact Granddad Rob.

Large Tortoise Table[TORTTABLRG]£370.00

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