Cheltenham 6 Nest Wall Mounted Dovecote[CHELT6WALL]

Cheltenham 6 Nest Wall Mounted Dovecote_1Cheltenham 6 Nest Wall Mounted Dovecote_2

A four sided (half octagon) wall fixed dovecote on three levels, affording segregated nesting for six pairs of doves.
To help with cleaning and husbandry each side has a removable wall section
As is the case with all my dovecotes I use ALL joinery grade red pine, which has been pressure treated to last many years without a need to re-treat.
The walls floors and internal partitions are solid 20mm thick boards.
The roof is clad in Granddad Robs own 20mm thick tile effect shiplap boards.
We can also offer painted dovecotes (five coats by hand, over treated timbers). Normally white, but you can choose

Cheltenham 6 Nest Wall Mounted Dovecote[CHELT6WALL]£790.00

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