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Should dogs live in the house or out in the garden? We have had a succession of Collie dogs and whenever they came in the house, they spent their time sniffing the air coming in under the backdoor and took every opportunity to 'break out', therefore we have always opted for an outside kennel. But whatever your preference, all dogs are in need of somewhere in the yard to call 'home'.

Granddad Rob's Kempton Kennels are available in three sizes,
Kempton Labrador Kennel
Kempton Shepherd Kennel
Kempton Dane Kennel

All the Kempton Kennels have the option to situate the door arch in either of the side walls, or more traditionally into the gable end, please make your choice known​ when ordering.

Constructed with the Granddad Rob's own distinctive, pressure treated, 20mm thick, tile effect boarding. Glued and screwed (no nails). For extra protection (belt & braces) the under side of the roof board is also lined with an exterior grade ply. Bed access is gained via a hinged roof. To best suit your site's orientation, please make your choice when ordering.

20mm thick pressure treated boards, Glued and screwed (no nails).

12mm thick MARINE grade ply, To guard against damp the floor is suspended 10cm above the ground.


Clear heavy plastic strip curtains that fall back across the arch to help exclude drafts, without diminishing the light

A removable bunk positions the bed area 10cm above the kennel floor to keep the dog out of floor level draughts

Fitted internally to all walls, roof & floor. The insulation is protected with a exterior grade ply liner (reduces the internal space by approx 25mm all-round)

Although the timber we build with is pressure treaded or marine grade and will last many years, we think it prudent to once in a while apply a re-treatment. The treatment we both use and strongly recommend prevents future wood rot by forming a WATER SHEDDING layer over the timber surface.

When first applied the treater has both the colour and consistency of diluted milk, however it dries to be fully TRANSPARENT so can be liberally applied without showing brush or run marks. It is water based so it CAN BE APPLIED TO WET WOOD. Being MICRO POROUS it allows the wood to ‘breath’ and most importantly it says SUITABLE FOR ANIMAL HOUSING on the label!


Against the trend, we have always endeavoured to set out our stall with the price shown to include DELIVERY and VAT, so no hidden charges to ‘bump up’ the bill. Therefore, the price listed includes delivery for the UK Mainland (Highlands & Overseas please contact us) and assumes any options required are ordered and delivered with the principle purchase.

Kempton Labrador Kennel​[KEMPTONLAB]£335.00

Available Options:

1 Litre Water Based Re-Treat:  
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