Windsor 6 Nest Dovecote[WINDSOR6]

Windsor 6 Nest Dovecote_1

A six sided post mounted cote, on two levels, affording fully segregated nesting for six pairs of doves,
As is the case with ALL our work we only use joinery grade red pine, which has been pressure treated to help ensure the dovecote remains sound for many a year,
Walls: Tongue & groove boarding
Roof: 20mm thick shiplap.
Floors and internal walls: 12mm thick MARINE GRADE ply.
Apex. Bespoke finial with hand dressed (real) lead.
Post: Laminated from pressure treated sections, giving the post multiply layers of treatment throughout its entire cross section, plus the added strength this technique provides (as a split cane fishing rod)
Colours: Painting dovecotes (five coats over the treated timbers).. Normally white, but you can choose.
Feed Platter: A feed station which locates around post, under the cote .The feed platter mirrors the cote base, so in this case hexagonal.

Windsor 6 Nest Dovecote[WINDSOR6]£620.00

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