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Floating Artificial Island

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Our floating duck islands have gone through several evolutions over the past few years and we now have a wide range of options to cater for almost any situation. Our modular options combines flexibility and ease of construction with many benefits to water quality and the environment.

Each module comprises of a 2m x 1m porous matrix on top of which sits a coir mat planted with a wide range of native aquatic and marginal plants. The modules simply interlock with each other and can be arranged in many different combinations and orientations to fit in with the shape of your pond or lake (for examples please click here). The more modules you have the greater the combination of shapes! Once the vegetation matures the hard angles at the perimeter of these rectangular modules softens to give a more natural shape.



A safe refuge for waterfowl to nest and rest away from predators.


An island on an otherwise featureless expanse of water, planted with a wide range of wild flowers adds interest and is pleasing to the eye.


On each of our modular and bespoke islands sits a mat of native aquatic and marginal plants. Once established the roots grow through the porous matrix to the water below, creating a jungle-like mass of roots under the island. This is a superb natural refuge for all sorts of aquatic invertebrates that in turn provide food all the way up the food chain to feed fish, amphibians and bird life such as herons and kingfishers. The natural planting attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators.


Problems with algae? Our modular and bespoke floating islands support vegetation that provide shade and lock up excess nutrients helping to reduce or limit algal blooms. In addition the mass of roots below the island hosts colonies of beneficial bacteria which aid the removal of excess nitrogen from the water, much like the filter in a fish tank or a sewage treatment plant. An excess of nitrogen and phosphorous in water is the prime cause of algal blooms.


Rather than being able to travel up and down the water, ideally the island needs to be held in one location and away from the bank. If the pond size permits, the island can be chained from two points on opposite banks. (see options below) On larger ponds or lakes it will be necessary to anchor the island in mid water. We favour mud weights which are 20kg lumps that embed themselves into the bottom sludge. (see options below)


Against the trend I have always endeavoured to set out my stall with the price shown to include DELIVERY and VAT, so not hidden charges to ‘bump up’ the bill. Therefore the price listed includes delivery for the UK Mainland (Highlands & Overseas please contact us), and assumes any options required are ordered and delivered with the principle purchase.



Pair of 8 meter hot dipped galvanised chains with connecting shackles, and two 45 x 45 x 450 mm timber tether pegs with tether eyes.


A pair of 20kg cast weights embedded with a 2Mt chain and connecting shackle.


Pair of 2 meter chains and connecting shackles.


Price On Request


*Applies to the UK Mainland, Ex The Highland, size permitting products sent fully assembled.

Shipping FREE on the product OPTIONS when ordered & sent with the principle purchase.

Two Module Island (4 sq m)£1,190.00

Three Module Island (6 sq m)£1,790.00

Four Module Island (8 sq m)£2,290.00

Five Module Island (10 sq m)£2,780.00

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