Granddad Rob's Duck (Flower) Bath[DB-ROB-01]

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For reasons lost in the mist of time, I have a few ducks. I tried not to like them but I can't help it. However I have to say they 'push it' God gave ducks an advance degree in mucking the place up. As they need water and our pond is dry I had to arrange it.

Part of their God given talent is to take 'x' volume of water in buckets, washing up bowls, baby baths, kiddies sand pits (san sand) paddling pools and even contrived puddles and DUCK IT UP.

Granddad Robs Duck Bath. Is in my opinion more 'blendy in' than a pink baby bath, and like a Land Rover or a wax jacket, when mucked, looks the part.

It easy to empty, I have even supplied a diving jetty and towel rail.

My unanticipated hassle now is persuading wife and daughter it is NOT a flower trough ...........

Like ducks, other sizes are available.

My Gods Bless Granddad Rob

Granddad Rob's Duck (Flower) Bath[DB-ROB-01]£155.00

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