Brighton 4x4 Chicken House & Run[BRIGHTON4X4]

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The BRIGHTON Range of Chicken Arks

For the keeping laying hens this 'up stairs down stairs' style of housing has been my house of choice, since building my first two level ark in 1980. The Brighton Arks have several advantages over house and run in-line formats in that ........

1) The hens have a covered run, affording a degree of critical shade & shelter when needed, but the run is never fully shaded so still allows 'sun time'.

2) Like most birds hens have a natural tendency to seek a high perch at night so soon learn to use the ramp to go 'up to bed'.

3) Hens instinct is to lay eggs in a low place, hidden from view and ideally in subdued lighting (eg. divot under a bush). Taking that into account the sunken nest at the far dark end of the house, is a must place to lay.

Brighton 4x4 (4 hens confined, 5 to 6 if free ranging)

Brighton 4x6 (6 hens confined, 7 to 8 if free ranging)

Brighton 4x4 Chicken House & Run[BRIGHTON4X4]£399.00

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