Barn Owl Box[OB-BARN]

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When I first made barn owl boxes we mounted a display sample in an oak tree by our gate. Despite the comings goings and all advice to the contrary, barn owls use it. Their time with us was however curtailed when a BT engineer, armed with a chainsaw and suspended as he was, up a cherry picker, pruning , reported that "two big white birds just flew out of that box thing". We put another "box thing" in a tree away from the mayhem. We have had five broods of Barn Owls over the years and it is currently occupied.

Pressure treated red pine for the frame and cladding.
Marine grade ply floor with drainage points.
Back wall pre-drilled with multiple fixing point options (to fit the tree)
- 3 x 100mm screw fix bolts supplied

Although the timber we build with is pressure treaded or marine grade and will last many years, we think it prudent to once in a while apply a re-treatment. The treatment we both use and strongly recommend prevents future wood rot by forming a WATER SHEDDING layer over the timber surface.

When first applied the treater has both the colour and consistency of diluted milk, however it dries to be fully TRANSPARENT so can be liberally applied without showing brush or run marks. It is water based so it CAN BE APPLIED TO WET WOOD. Being MICRO POROUS it allows the wood to ‘breath’ and most importantly it says SUITABLE FOR ANIMAL HOUSING on the label!


Against the trend, we have always endeavoured to set out our stall with the price shown to include DELIVERY and VAT, so no hidden charges to ‘bump up’ the bill. Therefore, the price listed includes delivery for the UK Mainland (Highlands & Overseas please contact us) and assumes any options required are ordered and delivered with the principle purchase.

Barn Owl Box[OB-BARN]£222.00

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1 Litre Water Based Re-Treat:  
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