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The Goodwood Duck House

Ducks & Geese are not particularly partial to being shut up at night. Personally, I have taken to shutting my ducks into a compound overnight with the facility of an open Goodwood Duck House within the enclosure. That way ducks are secure and if the mood takes them, they can use the duck house for shelter or egg laying ....... they get to choose. (There is a train of thought that if the birds are not locked up at night the fox will 'have them'. I agree, if the duck house is free-standing, but if you have a SECURE pen I maintain, and have practised what I preach for 35 years, that your run area has to be fox proof 24/7, regardless of the prevailing light conditions.)

I can vouch that ducks are messy, if cleaning is to be done properly then unobstructed accessibility to the house is vital. To that goal, the Goodwood Duck House has two large back doors; a fully removable front gable wall (inc pophole assembly) plus both side-walls have partial top openings.

As with most birds ventilation is important however, with waterfowl it seems even more critical. At the ridge, there are baffled vents, which allows convection without draft or rain getting through.

The Goodwood Duck House has stout carrying handles plus 'skids', which make moving almost easy.

There is only one place a duck will not lay its eggs, and that's the ceiling. Any success at getting ducks to use a nest is in my experience, just luck. However to show willing the Goodwood Duck House is supplied with a removable nest box, which the ducks can ignore.

The Duck House is made from pressure treated red pine (joinery grade) and to be unaffected by damp or droppings the floor is of a MARINE grade ply.


Although the timber we build with is pressure treaded or marine grade and will last many years, we still think it prudent occasionally to apply a re-treatment. I have personal used this treatment on my own housing, and can highly recommend it:


    Forms a water shedding coating stopping water ingression and potential wood rot.


    No waiting for that elusive day when you have time and the wood is dry.


    Allows the wood to ‘breath’.


    Has a milky colour when applied but dries clear, so OK to applied liberally without showing too many brush or run marks.


    And says as much on the label!


*Applies to the UK Mainland, Ex The Highland, size permitting products sent fully assembled.

Shipping FREE on the product OPTIONS when ordered & sent with the principle purchase.

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