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As a non-tortoise keeper, when asked to build a tortoise house I found myself in a bit of a quandary. I tapped in to the knowledgeable input of our tortoise keeping customers who told me what, how and why. So by accommodating their various requirements the range has currently grown into three standard sizes of tortoise houses with a selection of options and three tortoise tables with options, plus a plethora of bespoke builds.
As with all our work we have endeavoured to make housing that firstly and most importantly works for the occupants, secondly, it must be functional from the keeper’s standpoint, and lastly without compromising the houses pet and keepers needs it is made to be aesthetically pleasing and deemed to compliment the Granddad Rob brand.


TIMBER. All from pressure treated red pine.
WALLS: Brick feature, 20mm thick with a 4mm plywood liner.
HINGED ROOF: Tile effect 20mm thick shiplap with a 4mm plywood liner.
FLOOR: 12mm thick MARINE grade ply.


RAMP: Provides a ‘leg up’.
DIVIDER WALL:  Creates a 'backroom' and shields against draughts.
DRAUGHT CURTAINS: Heavy-duty clear strip curtains, gives protection without diminishing natural light.
INSULATION:  Roof, floor and  walls (except the door wall),  lined with 20mm of rigid foam insulation with secondary protecting plywood liner.
EXTENSION RUN:  1.2mt x 2mt run with solid walls and hinged wired roof.
LAMP MODIFICATION:  To allow the installation of a lamp we increase the wall height (+200mm) and create a cable port in the back gable.
BESPOKE: Any size or orientation, gladly quoted for.
DELIVERY:  The house price quoted includes delivery for the UK Mainland (Highlands & Overseas please contact us), and assumes any options required are both ordered and delivered as one transaction.

This is a handcrafted tortoise house made in the UK by Granddad Rob Designs.
If you have any questions please contact Granddad Rob.

Small Tortoise House[TORTOISEHSML]£313.00

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