Small Tortoise House[TORTOISEHSML]

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Small Tortoise House

This stunning wooden tortoise house is the perfect home for your tortoise.
Made from pressure treated, joinery grade red pine.
With a removable roof made from Granddad Rob's timber roof tiles over an exterior ply liner and with a marine ply floor.
The tortoise house measures 50cm x 60 cm x 39cm high
Optional Divider Wall
To created a 'backroom' and deflect any door draught
Optional Draught Curtains
Heavy duty, clear strip curtains, gives protection without diminishing natural light.
Optional Insulation
20mm of ridged foam insulation to walls, roof, and floor protected with a secondary ply liner
Optional Extension Run
Provides a secure covered run attached to the house with welded mesh roof and side walls
This is a handcrafted tortoise house made in the UK by Granddad Rob Designs.

If you have any questions please contact Granddad Rob.

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