Twigs's Rabbit Lodge[RH-TWI-01]

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RWAF Retailer Charter

I have known Twigs for a long time. She first came onto my radar at the Chelsea Flower Show some fifteen years or so ago. Twigs strode onto our stand and gave me an ear bending about something I had written in our then brochure, which she felt was disrespectful to rabbits. ... When I said we had a rabbit who was so motionless the only way you knew which way he was facing was because standard rabbit design dictates you don't get ears on bums... I thought I was being funny .......really sorry Twigs.

I am not a rabbit person so am gladly guided by Twigs who is Dr Twigs Way, she is the brains behind her/my Rabbit Lodge. She says what she wants, I say what I can do, she then tells me what I can do, I do as I am told.

Frame, 45x45mm (2x2”) pressure treaded timbers
Clad at the house end with 12mm (1/2”) thick tongued and grooved pressure treated boards. The Galvanised welded mesh at the run end and front is 16g (1.5mm thick wire strands), with ¾”x ¾” holes which is assumed rat proof

Lined with 9mm exterior grade ply under my own interlocking, pressure treated roof tiles. With ventilated ridge.

FLOOR (optional)
95x45mm (4x2”) runners, counter battened with 45x45 (2x2”) joists. All pressure treated for ground contact. Boarded with 18mm (¾”) thick recycled rot proof plastic

Floor & roof boarded with 18mm (¾”) thick, recycled rot proof plastic
Doors, mitred 70x21 frames, 12mm boards, ¾” 16g wire and a shut-able bolthole
Shown here with middle door fixed, but can be hinged.
Ramp to access.

Made to order by Granddad Rob this Rabbit Lodge can be made to suit your specific requirements.

If you would like to talk through the options for one of these - or anything similar
please give Granddad Rob a ring on 07762 471 406

DELIVERY - please note that the cost of delivery and on site erection is not included and will be quoted for separately if required

Granddad Rob is proud to support the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund and their 'A Hutch is Not Enough' Campaign and as such has signed up to their Retailer Charter.

Twigs's Rabbit Lodge[RH-TWI-01] £1,850.00

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