Twigs's Rabbit Lodge

Twigs\'s Rabbit Lodge

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Date Added: Wednesday 06 February, 2013

by twigs way

My very own rabbit lodge!!! These are fabulous!! I should know - I have 6 of them now (lodges that is - I have more rabbits than 6!). Rob forgot to say that you can add another ramp so the buns can get to the top of the hutch bit - which they love OR you can use it to store hay on (using it for both buns and hay doesn't work - at least not in the 'store' hay sense!!). My latest two also have windows in the back so the buns can look out at the weather and pull faces at the fox who cant get them . . . actually they do that through the mesh anyway. We used to lock them in the hutch bit at night but now they have extra strong mesh we dont bother - though they love the poop hole entrance!!

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